Choose the right roof for your property

It seems strange that for an area of the home that’s vitally important, it’s often neglected and left untouched for years. The roof provides properties with superb protection throughout the year and ensures we are warm and dry in our own homes.

And for those considering replacing their roof, there are plenty of options for you to consider. Take a look at the selection below and find out more about each option. You’re bound to have a favourite.

Tiled roofs

Tiled roofs are one of the nation’s favourite and it’s their longevity that propels tiles to the top of many people’s lists. On average a tiled roof will last for up to 50 years, which is likely much more than you’ll need.

Tiled roofs also offer versatility with a range of colours available. This gives you the chance to find a colour that suits you and your home.

Weight tends to be a drawback for some properties as their roof simply can’t support tiles. Installation costs are also higher than other options and they’ll need to be well maintained.

Metal roofs

You may have seen a metal roof on your travels, but they’re not very common at the moment. What’s for sure though is that their popularity is increasing, mainly because of their excellent versatility and energy efficiency.

As such they’re great for commercial buildings, but are also now having an effect on the domestic side too. Their lifetime is approximately 30 years and installation costs can be high.

Shingle roofs

If you’re looking for a more traditional effect for your home, then shingles could well be the way forward. Shingle rooftops are created from a number of materials and are very popular in the European countries of Poland and Switzerland.

Fibreglass based bitumen is probably the best option and will last up to three decades. You will need to be vigilant with maintenance though as the shingles can rot or erode over time.

Green roofs

Green roofs have certainly become more popular in recent times as homeowners look to be eco-friendly. These green roofs are a great way to reduce your own carbon footprint and can combat pollution whilst providing extra habitats for wildlife.

These rooftops are created from insulation, a waterproof membrane, drainage, plants and even a wind protector. Many homeowners do look to converting their existing roof into a green roof and it’s definitely becoming more popular.

Choose the right roof for your property
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