Velux windows

With the roof you have the option to have Velux windows fitted or a different style entirely. Velux windows are manufactured by Velux and the same design is available from other companies too. They are installed when there’s an angle in the roof, so as another window can’t be fitted.

With Velux windows, the same rules apply whether you’re involved in a new build or are extending or renovating a property: it makes sense to get planning permission and/or Building Regulations advice without delay.

Alternatives to the Velux window include:

Dormer windows

Many consider dormer windows the best way to let in natural light because they are built out from the roof, instead of being flush with it.

This type of structure will make a huge difference to the way your property looks, so the alternative designs need careful consideration. And care must be taken to make sure they complement the rest of the building, especially if more than one is to be added.

Any front elevation dormers should have the same finish as the main property, with their sides covered by vertically hung tiles, slates or cladding. And, because access will be difficult, low maintenance materials are recommended.

Flat roofing dormer windows
Flat roofing dormer windows can be installed quickly, cheaply and increase the available floor space by up to 30%.
They are best suited to modern structures, especially bungalows, but, because of the way they alter the look of the roofline, are not appropriate for the front aspect.

Pitched roof dormer windows

Pitch roofing dormer windows are also known as ‘cottage style’ or ‘chocolate box’; they are particularly suited to older homes because they often include decorative features that improve the building’s appearance. However, they add less space than a flat dormer and are much more expensive to install.

Skylight windows

A skylight is a horizontal window or a white translucent acrylic dome placed in the roofing; it lets in more light and distributes it more evenly than a traditional window.

To avoid condensation and for maximum energy efficiency, skylights should have at least two panes of glass and a heat-reflecting coating

Velux windows
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