6 Common Reasons for your Leaking Roof

It’s that time of year where the rain hammers down on our homes. Unfortunately, that can lead to a leaking roof. It doesn’t mean the damage hasn’t been there until the bad weather, but the rain just alerts us to the problem.

A leaking roof can be the result of a number of factors. Before your roofer can fix the problem, they will need to know the cause. But what are they? Here are the top 6 reasons:

1. Missing shingles

In the stormy weather, it’s easy for shingles to fall off the roof or break. You’ll soon notice water leaking in as there is essentially a hole in your roof. If you notice this, get in touch with a roofer straight away as it won’t be long before it starts to cause serious problems.

2. Clogged guttering

If your gutters are clogged, water can’t funnel away from your home. This will cause water to build up and eventually spill out, making it look like you have a leaking roof. Get your gutters cleared and you should notice a difference straight away.
leaking roof crow

3. Rotting fascias

Fascias hide behind your gutters. If they’re made of wood, they can rot over time due to rainwater. When you have your gutters cleared, you could ask the tradesperson to take a look at your fascias too.

4. Damaged flashing

Flashing stops water from getting into your home. As time passes, it can oxidise and corrode, which makes it weak. Also, as the levels of humidity in the air are constantly changing, they can expand and contract. This will result in the flashing becoming loose.

5. Leaking skylight

Have you got windows in your roof? If you have, there’s a good chance that your leaking roof is caused by the skylight. The seal around the frame can rot away or become loose, allowing water to get in. You might also find that corroded flashing can play a part in a leaking skylight.

6. Your roof is old

A roof doesn’t last forever. All roofing materials eventually deteriorate and need replacing. It’s very unlikely that the roof will last the lifetime of your property, so if you know your home is getting old it’s worth finding out when the roof was last replaced.

Whatever the cause of your leaking roof, a professional will be able to identify it and solve the problem for you. If you don’t know where to start with your search for a roofer, try filling in the form below. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 companies who will give you a quote for the job.

Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is the Customer Experience Manager at Quotatis. She informs customers of the latest developments in a range of products so they can make the best choice for their homes and ensures they get the best out of our service.