7 Common Things that Could Damage Your Roof

Your roof’s a very important part of your home. It keeps the rain and wind out and generally looks after your property. So if there’s anything that could damage your roof, it’s worth spotting and sorting out as soon as you can.

Here are 7 common things that could easily end up damaging your roof.

1. Trees

Trees are common culprits when it comes to roof damage. Branches or whole trees falling on your roof can crack tiles, dislodge shingles and slate and even cause structural damage.

Leaves and twigs can also cause problems. If they collect on your roof and start to rot, they can damage your roofing materials and could cause leaks.

If there’s a tree overhanging your property that you’re worried might damage your roof, get in touch with a tree surgeon for some advice.

2. Wind

Strong winds can also damage your roof. They can easily dislodge tiles and shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. To avoid further damage, it’s important to repair your roof as soon as you can.

3. Rain and hail

Rain can often be harmless, but torrential rain and hail can weaken your roof over time. Roofs that are repeatedly subject to rain and hail can be more prone to leaks and may need more regular maintenance.

4. Snow and ice

If you live in an area where winter temperatures are often below freezing, snow and ice could be causing serious damage to your roof. Large quantities of snow can be really heavy so can easily cause structural damage. Plus, because water expands when it turns to ice, if water gets into crevices in your roof and then repeatedly thaws and refreezes, you could end up with some serious holes and leaks.

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5. Poor drainage

Nature isn’t the only thing to blame for roof damage. If your roof hasn’t got adequate drainage, light precipitation that normally wouldn’t be a problem can end up damaging your roof.

If your flat roof isn’t angled so that rainwater runs straight off, this can result in ponding (where water collects in pools on your roof). This can lead to structural damage, decay and leaks.

Pitched roofs with blocked gutters or inadequate drainage can also develop leaks. If water builds up on your roof then it can end up seeping down into your home through the edges.

6. Moss and algae

Moss and algae growth can also damage your roof. If you have shingles then it can cause them to rot and deteriorate, which can lead to leaks. Moss and algae can also make your roof slippery and difficult to repair.

7. Sunlight

Lots of homeowners don’t realise the damage that the UV rays in sunlight can do to your roof. Felt and shingles are both susceptible to UV damage. Both roofing materials get weaker when exposed to prolonged sunlight and can also start to look tired and faded.

So there are lots of things that could threaten the condition of your roof. To avoid roof damage as much as possible, make sure you check your roof after storms, heavy precipitation or extreme temperatures. And if you think your roof might be damaged, get in touch with a professional roofer and ask them to take a look.

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Evy Coe

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