Does my roof need replacing

Carrying out an assessment

Reroofing your home isn’t a simple task. It will require several days or weeks of work from a professional contactor and it’ll also set you back quite a bit of money. However, if you’re finding yourself constantly paying for repairs it could be time for a full or part reroof.

What you need to look for

With most of the checks you’ll carry out you can either climb a ladder or stay on ground level. Your first priority should be looking for broken, slipped or disjointed tiles. It’s quite easy to spot as there’ll often be discolouring where the tiles have moved.

It’s important to have repairs carried out as soon as possible because the effectiveness of the roof will be compromised and you could start to suffer from leaks.
Also check out the ridgeline and the chimney for gaps in the mortar joints. Simple ways of telling this would be mortar lying on the ground or around other tiles or slates.

With age, slate roofs can be prone to delamination, which will allow moisture in. The best way of spotting this is by watching out for a flaky or powdery surface.

  • Roof ladders

If you’re thinking about going onto the roof to check out the state of tiles or slate, then it’s highly advised to use a proper roof ladder. These can be hired or you could even buy the necessary parts to convert an ordinary ladder.

  • Check out the loft

As well as the roofline itself, you should also take a look from the loft to spot any damage. Initially you want to be keeping an eye out for damp timber which would prove the effectiveness of your roof has deteriorated. If you don’t have felt lining, another clear-cut sign would be daylight shining into the loft.

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