Why a new roof will reduce your bills

Energy bills have certainly become an issue in the UK over the last few years as prices rise and homeowners find themselves with less disposable income and the end of every month. There are many different ways you can help reduce household bills, with insulation being a major one. However, any action you take can be pointless if your rooftop is maintained properly, and is instead leaking heat.

Of course, we don’t need to say just how important a roof is to your home, especially when you consider it offers protection throughout the year. But still, there are homeowners who ignore the roof, believing it to be in full working order.

Your rooftop can definitely come into question though during the cold winter months as it is responsible for keeping heat in your home. With an old roof it’s not uncommon for heat to be escaping your home, which effectively means you’re going to be spending more on your energy bills.

It’s not just heat loss that you have to worry about with an old roof either. You could also suffer from water leaks, which can cause damage to your home. The longer these are left, the larger your repair bill is probably going to be. Mould growth is just one consequence of water leaks and the damp can damage the rafter and beams in your loft. As well as this, the plaster, ceilings and walls can also be affected.

Essentially, if you find any problems with your rooftop it’s important to speak with a professional roofer. The quicker you bring in an expert, the less your overall bill will be. This can save you hundreds and even thousands of pounds in the long term, so it’s certainly worth doing. The roofer will visit your home and be able to advice eon the best course of action.

Tom Crosswell

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