Repairing your flat roof

Repairing your flat roof

Flat roofs seem to be becoming more popular around the UK, so it’s worth knowing what you need to do in the event of any problems. Leaking roofs are obviously one of the biggest issues and diagnosing why the leak has occurred is what’s often the greatest challenge.

One of the issues is the poor quality of materials used. If there is structural inadequacy then the roof can sag in the middle, which means rainwater has a place to pool. Water can then find its way throughout the smallest of holes.

Of course, this could have been occurring over time, especially as the water has a distance to travel before it’ll be seen in your home. Once you spot water dripping from the roof or notice damp or moisture damage, then it’s vital to act quickly. The chances are damage could have occurred over a long period and you may already have a severe problem on your hands.

But are all flat roofs victim to these faults? Well, the life expectancy of a flat roof is only around 10 years, which is why they’re a lot cheaper than other options available. As such, it’s important to replace the roof once it has passed this timeframe.

The roof’s qualities can be improved though and waterproof coatings are definitely on the rise in terms of popularity. These coatings can be applied to most rooftops and the best bit is, the roof won’t need to be removed.

With your own roof it’s important that if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you act quickly. Rather than taking on a problem yourself, which is not only dangerous but can cause further damage, it’s best to bring in the professionals. Make sure to do your homeowner though. Compare a number of quotes and ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Repairing your flat roof
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