What you need to know about maintaining your roof

Roofs are a very important part of every property, but an area often neglected. It seems that whilst they’re doing their job and keeping your home protected, there’s little to concern yourself with. But this is actually the wrong attitude to take.

If you wait around for a problem to occur then you’ll end up wasting a lot more money than you need to. That said, it’s important to realise that prevention is better than cure, and there are some simple ways you can help to prevent any problems.

Along with the advice we outline below, it’s also advised to check your roof for cracks and leaks on a regular basis. Leaks can be found if you have a loft. Also ensure there are no missing tiles or slates.

The guttering

Your guttering helps take water away from your home and if poorly maintained, can cause substantial damage to the property. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your gutters and pipes clean and free from debris that could gather there.

Gutters can easily become clogged with dirt, leaves and grime, which can lead to a backlog of excess water.

This is especially the case in autumn, when leaves are falling from trees. Fortunately, this only has to be an annual job for you and it’s pretty simple to do. Essentially, all that needs to be done is the dirt, debris and leaves to be scooped out and disposed of. You’ll need a ladder and potentially scaffolding, so it could be a job you choose a professional for.

By clearing your gutter you will prevent flooding and any damage to your home. Also consider a non-return valve to prevent dirty water being forced back into your home.

Roof repairs

Many people do make a poor choice here in putting off the work that needs doing because it isn’t cheap. The thing is though, the problem won’t go away and you’ll end up needing to spend more to rectify the situation.

Roof repairs can be diverse, from missing tiles, bricks coming away from chimneys and even the guttering breaking off. After a storm it’s always worth inspecting your roof to ensure there’s no visible damage.

Remember, roof repairs are a job best left to the professionals. Some DIY experts will feel they can replace tiles themselves, but without the right skills you can easily cause further damage and leave yourself with a bigger bill.

Undoubtedly it’s always best to have your roof repaired in the summer as the weather is better and rain is less likely to be a problem (hopefully). Regardless of this, if you have roof repairs that are needed no matter the severity, ensure to act quickly.

What you need to know about maintaining your roof
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