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How Much Does a Roof Repair Cost?

Need some roofing work done urgently? Or planning a future project? Finding out up-to-date re-roofing and roof repair costs will help you budget for the work ahead of time.

It can be tempting to avoid roofing projects, but it’s essential not to. Your roof is a vital part of your property, keeping your home warm and dry. If you neglect it you could end up with higher energy bills, damp and structural damage, which will only cost you more money in the long run.

Find out roof repair costs here, along with expert advice on how to get the best quotes.

Re-roofing and roof repair costs for pitched roofs

How much improving the condition of your pitched roof will cost depends on the state that it’s in. If you’ve just got a minor leak, this could be solved by replacing a few tiles or areas of flashing. This kind of repair work isn’t too difficult for a roofing professional and won’t take them very long. So, it probably won’t be too expensive.

However, if there’s a problem with the structure of your pitched roof, or it’s suffered significant damage, it might need more work. In these cases, it’s usually cheaper to re-roof instead of repair. This is when your whole roof is removed and rebuilt.

Pitched roof repair cost

Job Estimated cost
Replacing up to 6 standard tiles £50-£150
Replacing up to 6 ridge tiles £80-£250
Replacing lead chimney flashing £300-£450
Fitting a roof vent £250-£500

Pitched re-roofing cost

Job Estimated cost
Replacing a tiled roof £3,500-£9,000
Replacing a slate roof £3,000-£8,500

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Re-roofing and roof repair costs for flat roofs

Improving a flat roof is usually cheaper than doing work on a pitched roof, but it depends on the job. Patching up blisters or splits won’t take too long, and shouldn’t cost very much. Re-roofing your flat roof will probably cost quite a bit more, but can be well worth it in the long run.

Flat roof repair cost

Job Estimated cost
Felt patching £150-£250
Repairing or replacing flashing £250-£450

Flat re-roofing cost

Job Estimated cost
Replacing a felt roof From £40 per m²
Replacing a rubber roof From £80 per m²
Replacing a fibreglass roof From £90 per m²

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How to know whether you need repair or re-roofing

There are several signs that your roof could need repair or re-roofing work. These include:

  • Stained ceilings or damp patches
  • Leaks
  • Broken or displaced tiles
  • Water pooling

These are all indications that your roof is letting water in or might do in the near future. It’s really important to avoid this, as it could end up causing more damage and costing more money.

Whether you need to repair or re-roof your flat or pitched roof depends on the level of damage. If you just have a small area of damaged felt, or can see that just a few tiles are broken, you’ll probably only need to repair your roof. But, if you’ve got a serious leak or can see that most of your roof tiles are broken or deteriorating, you might need a whole new roof.

Another indication that you might need re-roofing work is that your roof is 25+ years old. This isn’t a sure sign – some slate roofs last a very long time. But if your roof is over 25 years old and looking tired, it could be time for a new one.

How to get more accurate re-roofing and roof repair prices

It can be quite difficult to estimate how much your re-roofing or roof repair will cost. This is because prices can vary according to:

  • Where you live
  • Your property type
  • The size of your roof
  • How easy it is to access your roof

Roofing work can cost different amounts according to where you live. For example, a new roof will cost you more in London than in Newcastle. How big your roof is will affect labour and material costs, and if it’s particularly difficult to access you might need to pay more for extra scaffolding. See our detailed guide about new roof costs if you need even more information. 

All this means that if you want an accurate quote, it’s important to speak to roofing professionals in your area.

Ask several reputable companies to visit your property to quote – this will help you get accurate prices and a range of opinions. Avoid picking a professional who offers a particularly high or low price – there’ll probably be a reason for it – and make sure they’re one that you trust. Alternatively check out our directory of local roofing contractors.

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