Roofing maintenance

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are a good way to keep your roofing in tip-top condition and your property and its contents protected from the elements.

It’s also wise to check for damage and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible after any extreme weather conditions.

Do it yourself

Depending upon the height and nature of your roof it may be possible to safely inspect and maintain some aspects yourself.

For example, pitched roofing can sometimes be inspected from street level or properties opposite to check for loose coverings.
Similarly, you can keep an eye on the condition of single-storey flat roofs from higher level windows. Using a suitably safe ladder and appropriate tools, gutters and the roofing surface can be kept free of debris. But you should always be wary of walking on a flat roof if you think it’s damaged, unstable or likely to become so as a result of your activity. For example, sweeping loose nails off a single ply covering could penetrate the thin protective surface and cause a leak.

A good piece of general advice is, if you’re not sure how to tackle a job, or if you have any doubts about your own capabilities, get expert help.

Hire a professional

Apart from easily made regular inspections and relatively simple maintenance tasks than can be safely completed without specialist equipment, it’s usually wise to employ a suitably qualified and experienced professional. This is where our regional network of vetted businesses can help.

Roofing maintenance
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